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Hurricane Dorian Update & Statistics

Hurricane Dorian is currently at 130 mph winds and heading toward Florida, 130mph winds cause catastrophic damage to homes and structures, often causing power outages for weeks and throwing trees around like spears. See the wind speed stats below and get a Hurricane Preparedness Guide from the CDC  Government website.

If your building has been damaged by a flood or accident that could cause fire damage or water damage, it is vital that you seek professional help immediately. While water damage can be minimal if dealt with quickly and thoroughly; if not, it can also be catastrophic.

Hurricane Flood Victims In The Florida Panhandle – Call us at (850) 768-2902 – We can help you. We’re fast, honest and affordable.

Hurricane Wind Speed Statistics

Here are some statistics on hurricane wind speeds from the NHC government website..

  • 74-95 mph – Roof damage, siding and gutters torn off, large branches will snap from trees, power outages
  • 96-110 mph – Major roof and siding damage, trees uprooted or snapped, power outages from days to weeks
  • 111-129 mph – Stronger homes may lose roof decking and gable ends. Many trees uprooted, roads blocked from debris, electricity and water outages for days to weeks
  • 130-156 mph – Catastrophic damage, homes losing their structure and complete roof, most power line poles and trees uprooted, area is uninhabitable and power outages and water outages for weeks to months
  • 157+ mph – Many homes completely destroyed, walls collapsed, roads blocked for weeks, area is uninhabitable

What 130 mph Hurricane Winds Can Do

Here is a clip from Hurricane Harvey, which also had 130mph winds, you can see from the video the type of damage it caused…


Hurricane Dorian LIVE Fox News Youtube Feed

Puerto Rico survived the Hurricane Dorian storm but the hurricane is estimated to be a category 4 by the time it reaches Florida.

Hurricane Flood & Water Damage Restoration Services

When dealing with flood and water damage, many homes and business owners don’t understand the severity of the problem. Just mopping up the water and pointing a fan at the problem is not a viable solution.

Hurricane Flood Victims In The Florida Panhandle – Call us at (850) 768-2902 – We can help you. We’re fast, honest and affordable.

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
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  • The Best Equipment
  • Fast Response Times
  • Thorough Extraction

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